• When is a man a man? When he feels nothing less than 100% male: this is our guiding principle. It is said that clothes make the man, but we think that clothes should highlight your personality and underline your individual style. And all thanks to one simple formula – the 4 Ss of masculinity: a sense of self, a sense of style, a sense of elegance and a sense of athleticism. Bring these four senses together and you have nothing less than 100% man. This is why we design, develop and produce fashion and styles that allow every man to come into his own. For all walks of life. From cosmopolitan sophistication to casual athleticism. From the office to the club. Always perfectly designed for men. Every thread in every piece.

  • Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious. We want to bring out and strengthen the masculinity that can be found inside every man while also complementing every individual’s personality. This is what drives us to give our all. With passion, purpose and consistency. Without compromise – the highest quality products and outstanding execution. With well-considered functionality, individual design and complete control over the materials and manufacture.

  • A masculine and high-quality exterior is only effective when it matches the interior. That's simply how we operate. Always athletic, smart and on-trend. And in every way confident, respectful, urbane and calm. We are just like our customers. We have principles. That is something that will never change. Nor we will ever change how we engage with our customers, always offering something new, captivating with our first-class fashion of the best quality. It's a matter of honour – and that is something you understand.