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The repertoire of a silversmith is not something conventionally associated with masculinity. But the silver manufacturer Koch & Bergfeld, established in 1829, is an exception. From their glass workshop in Bremen they have produced nothing less than the Bundesliga trophy. And if that’s not sporty enough, the 1967 UEFA Champions League trophy was also designed and produced there by the then-workshop-foreman Horst Heeren. It was to be strong and powerful. With a high degree of recognition and ideal for celebrating with – which is why it ended up with the extra-large handles! Many other football, handball and basketball trophies are also produced in Bremen on an annual basis, both the originals for the new champion(s) and then in replica form for the various associations. Almost 10 years ago, former workshop-foreman Florian Blume took over the management of Koch & Bergfeld – and alongside running the renowned Koch & Bergfeld cutlery factory, he also established Koch & Bergfeld Corpus GmbH & Co. KG in Bremen Neustadt, and with whom he moved to the seaside town. The site there provided the company with the perfect space to take new concepts straight into the factory. The team was expanded with the focus on the continued production of perfect pieces, the materials and tools were replaced, and the move culminated with a glass workshop being built for the benefit of the visitors: a sign that the past and the future are not mutually exclusive. In addition to these many global sporting trophies, Koch & Bergfeld also produce pieces for hotels, restaurants, institutions and private households, including belt buckles with intricate designs inspired by the last century, silver tumblers and cutlery – which can be individually engraved upon request. But regardless of the item being produced, the same approach applies: unique and high-quality products with individual character for customers who expect nothing less than the best. For us, this is truly masterful and is in total alignment with our beliefs. We are also lucky enough to have been able to present our newest collections to the public there; wherever we find perfection and craftsmanship, we feel at home. More information on the ranges available and the rich tradition and history of the company can be found at: