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They are being used every day, but ever so often underrated due to the lack of aesthetic appeal – the knives we use on a daily basis. How the knife can become an everyday object from the highest quality and even an object of art or collectible, is depicted by the Boker Manufactory. The Boker Manufactory with the chestnut emblem set themselves to design innovative knives, which exceed the everyday knives in optics and quality by far.

For centuries they have been in business for hand tools of any kind. What already started in the 17th century in Remscheid with the small hand tool factory of the Family Boker, is today a global leader in innovation as well as manufacturer of Sporting Knives, Tactical Knives and Collector’s Knives. Next to tradition and aesthetics, especially the high quality standards are distinctive for Boker.

For that reason, the production processes of the hand weld Damascus knives are as remarkable as time-consuming and sweat inducing. The process to produce Damascus usually includes at least 2 kinds of steel which are welded and folded – thus, the layers double. The process is being repeated, until the desired number of layer is reached. The quality of the Damascus is usually influenced by the different properties of steel being used for the production. So that for example, especially hard steel can be combined with a tougher steel to achieve the right balance between hardness and a lasting cutting edge.

The Damascus knife of the year 2017 is made from stainless, hand weld steel and consists of 200 layers. Technically speaking, stainless steel cannot be weld due the oxygen in the air. That’s why the blade from stainless Damascus needs to be weld in vacuum for which every blacksmith has his own tricks. The Damascus for the knife of the year 2017 was forged by Chad Nichols from Mississippi, who is one of the most renowned blacksmiths.

The special way of forging makes for the unique pattern of the blade, the knife of the year 2017 is a real eye-catcher. However, what fascinates us most is the vibrant contrast between the handle and blade. The handle is made from carbon fibre – for the first time in the history of knives of the year. In this Damascus knife of the manufactory Solingen, high-tech materials meet the craftsmanship of forging – the result: an intriguing representation of the modern art of forging.

A modern interpretation of craftsmanship with unique optical characteristics and a high quality standard: that is Boker – and meets the aspiration and approach we have towards our own products 100%. No wonder, it sparked our interest …