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Grooming – body-care for men (Part 2)

For a long time, we have known that taking care of your body means more than just a quick shave and a spray of deodorant. Times have indeed changed. Men do it too. That is, use high-quality products whose effects can be seen and felt. As proven by Caroline Wolf in her Men’s Grooming Guide. What works so well on the hair, like L’Oréal’s Hair Pomade or Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax, can of course be extended to work for the whole body. Men could do worse than to benefit from the many years of experience the hair and make-up artist has clocked up and take a peek into her own personal styling case. One of her tips for the body-aware man is for example Embryolisse’s moisturiser – this cult cream from France is the favourite of all the models. Or Sisley’s Eau de Champagne shower gel which contains plant extracts of carrot, chamomile and red vine leaf. Sisley’s Eau de Champagne unisex fragrance is also worth considering – a scent that embodies the French way of life. And for a year-round, healthy and suntanned look, why not try Charlotte Tilbury’s moisturiser.