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Grooming – face- and hair-care for men

Grooming might sound like something you do to a horse, or perhaps a new way of saying you’re a groom’s man, but in actual fact it is the newest term that has been coined for, essentially, men’s personal hygiene. Think of it like this: women have ‘beauty’ products. Men have ‘grooming’ products. And there is just as much variety out there for men as there is for women – if you’re interested in that kind of thing! This is something that Caroline Wolf knows all too well. She has been a hair and make-up artist since 2002, and has worked on several shoots for S4 Jackets. She believes that this kind of self-care should be as important for men as it is for women. And so, she swears by certain products in her work: products that should not be missing from any man’s grooming regime. A bottle of shampoo alone is simply no longer sufficient. Starting with Sisleyum’s anti-ageing and aftershave serums, her palette extends to Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil, Shu Uemura’s Hair Pomade and Sebastian’s Texturizer Hair styling gel. And you cannot neglect your eyes either: Kiehl’s Eye Alert cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and protects against swelling and eye bags. The effect really is noticeable.