Sustainable designs
and a clear future attitude

Our quality standards can be described in one sentence: Only work with the best in a resource-saving way - and leave nothing to chance.

It's about values

S4 Jackets makes fashion with the approach to underline the individuality of the man wearing our products . This is why we pay so much attention to innovation. A logical consequence of the 'triple bottom line' approach that considers people and the planet as an integral part of design decisions. Our constant search for innovation derives from this very attitude to act and make decisions as responsibly and uncompromisingly as possible – whether it's the choice of materials or our partners. Being resourceful, responsible and demanding in quality is part of our DNA.

"Constant striving of innovation."

A clear future attitude

We work with specialists in Europe for shorter freight distances and lower emissions. Beyond that, all our production partners are listed in the BSCI - the Business Social Compliance Initiative - or have signed a corresponding Code of Conduct. Bangladeshi factories are also members of ACCORD (on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh). Our own sustainability management monitors the working and production conditions periodically - in addition to the regular audits carried out by the BSCI and other inspection institutions.
A fundamental condition for our cooperations is the conscientious use of chemicals and an advanced and long-term energy and water management. In addition, we require our partners to comply with the Code of Conduct in matters of social responsibility (no child labour, no forced labour, no discrimination or coercive practices, compliance with working hours, freedom of assembly, fair and appropriate wages, providing a safe and hygienic working environment, etc.) and we intensively support standards that go beyond this, such as medical care and general training, etc.
This is our commitment.

High-quality workmanship as a matter of responsibility

High quality materials and an innovative approach to design are the benchmark for all of our jackets. This is what inspires our designers. Whether it's the lining of the jacket, buttons or zippers, new outer fabrics or padding. With an average of 100 seperatly cut pieces, our visions are turned into striking design statements with our own fashion DNA.

„Jackets with a clear design and a sustainable spirit. Focused on the real essentials.”


We, at S4 Jackets, work continuously and persistently to find new opportunities to bring our ideas to life in a sustainable and innovative way. Thus our quality standards can be described in one sentence: Only work with the best in a resource-saving way - and leave nothing to chance.

Because we understand fashion as part of a principle: focusing on the essential, the masculine, on function and texture. Sustainability is therefore not just an empty phrase for us, but a state of mind.