Our quality expectations can be described in one sentence: only the best will do, leave nothing to chance.

The quest for perfection begins with fabric selection and comes to fruition during production, peaking with ultimate functionality. Our expectation is always the same: absolute perfection.

Best (Fabric) Quality

We scour the globe to find the best fabrics to meet our expectations of quality and comfort for our S4 jackets. Whether Italian wool, stretch-cotton or high-tech polyester, the fabric used for S4 jackets are a synonym for intelligent allure. They confidently defy the weather, range from water-repellent to waterproof and are breathable – and all without PFCs. The highest-quality padding and certified down fillings warm the most demanding of men in the winter, and the ultra-light, stretch summer fabrics clothe that self-same demanding man in summer. This makes our fabric selection unrivalled when it comes to quality and functionality: completely without pretension without compromise.

High-quality production

As far as our jackets are concerned, the interior needs to be just as well-finished and detailed as the exterior. Well considered pocket solutions, inner lining designs developed in-house, subtle yet artistic piping, high-quality stretch fabrics – all either colour-coordinated or in confident contrast. Following the maxim that “form follows function”, high-quality and linear concepts are our yardsticks during the design process. From an average of 100 cut pieces, our own cutting department and design headquarters in Bremen create striking masculine designs.


Limonta was founded in 1893 just outside Como in Italy and is proud to be a part of the notable, historical tradition that is the Italian textiles trade. The company is one of the greats in the fashion industry, setting standards and trends, and developing fabrics for the best clothing markets in Europe. Among the other Limonta fabrics we use, you will also find the T4000 Stretch – a high-resistance, elastic fibre that ensures a precise fit, is UV-resistant and boasts easy, crease-free care. Further information can be found at: www.limonta.com


Thermore® is a high-quality faux-down developed in Italy. It is made from up to 100% recycled PET bottles, which means it is hypoallergenic, contains no dangerous chemicals, and offers a safe and humane alternative to animal bi-products such as traditional down. Fibre migration is now a thing of the past thanks to the advanced processes developed by Thermore. This means that, even after long-term use and regular washing, the clothing keeps its original shape and function. Further information about this global market leader’s research, manufacture and development of thermal insulation can be found at: www.thermore.com

PrimaLoft® Collection

PrimaLoft, Inc. is based in Latham, New York and is an internationally-recognised supplier of isolation fabrics and functional textiles. They work alongside many high-quality clothing brands and their products are often found in active sportswear. Originally, PrimaLoft® was developed as a water-repellent, synthetic alternative to down for the US Army. Today, the company has achieved international recognition as one of the market leaders in innovative, comfortable, technical and sustainable textile solutions. Further information can be found at: www.PrimaLoft.com

Easy Flexxx

For S4 Jackets, fashion is a key part of a lifestyle approach: focusing on substance, masculinity, functionality and feel – and all with the distinctive mark of casual athleticism. Which is why our Athleisure Wear isn’t just a relevant subject, it’s also a central one. Increased comfort thanks to flexible outer fabric, such as the new polyamide-stretch, which combines the perfect fit with optimal freedom of movement. Or polyester-Jersey mixes. Alongside high-tech fabrics, 100% cotton fabrics also play a role, especially when it comes to the flexibility demanded by the summer months: elegantly fine with a natural stretch.

International Research & Sourcing

In order to recognise trends before they even become trends and then introduce them into our collections, our German design team looks for inspiration and fabric in all corners of the globe. There is no question that the best starting point is always the international fairs. But we also find the creative impulse for diverse styles in design, architecture and the lifestyle of international metropolises.

European manufacturing

In dedicated European plants, and with experience and expertise, high-quality Italian fabrics are turned into S4 jackets and coats with outstanding fits.

Social Responsibility

Fashion is a question of taste. Sustainability isn’t. This is why all of the companies with whom we work are part of the BSCI – the Business Social Compliance Initiative – or at the very least have signed the corresponding Code of Conduct. Moreover, companies based in Bangladesh are also part of ACCORD (on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh). Our own Sustainability Management programme continually monitors all working and production conditions in all of our associated companies – not to mention the many additional audits that are carried out by the BSCI and other institutions.


For us, sustainability is one of the most important elements of long-term added value.
This is why we, in collaboration with our partners, pay careful attention to our use of chemicals and have adopted a progressive and sustainable approach to energy and water management.
We expect our partners, in the interests of social responsibility, to adhere to the Code of Conduct and furthermore support ever improving standards such as medical support and general training etc.

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