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Robert Knighton – guaranteed casual

The story the media tells about Rob goes more or less like this: honest working carpet fitter from London is discovered by a scout after 30 years on the job and starts a stellar career as model and actor at the age of 50. And while Rob has kept his feet firmly on the ground throughout his sudden success, the altitude he reaches with his work today is truly immense. Nora Tschirner, David Beckham, Penelope Cruz: the names of his new colleagues speak for themselves. This story is probably so fascinating because it proves one thing: everything is possible – it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

And there is no question, a rags-to-riches story like this is as rare as it is spectacular. What interests us even more than this unlikely career change is Rob himself, and how casually he deals with his success even after over five years in his new role. Admittedly, his ridiculously good looks didn’t exactly count against him when it came to the question of whether we would get him for an editorial with our S4 Jackets. But what really made the difference was his personality. It is just so much fun to be around someone who has gone through such an unbelievable change – and in doing so manages to stay his natural, relaxed self. The carpet fitter from Stratford. Only he now works with Guy Ritchie. That takes style, that takes smarts, and it is testimony to a self-confidence that must have existed long before this career leap. Otherwise it wouldn’t bear up now. And, no surprises here, Rob was also a boxer and still goes to training now in his mid-fifties.
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