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Studio Mark Braun – Pure Elegance

An apprenticeship as cabinetmaker, a degree in industrial design, opening his own design studio in Berlin and dozens of awards and the obligatory professorship in the meantime: since the opening of his studio in 2006, Berliner Mark Braun has established himself as the new man to watch out for in the German product design scene.

He adopts a universally minimalist approach in his work by reducing his designs to two essential characteristics: function and elegance, in seamless harmony. And it works. All the awards Mark has already won are testimony to that. The “Metro” watch, which Mark designed for the renowned watchmaking company Nomos Glashütte, won five coveted awards in 2015, including the German Design Award from the German Design Council – the final ovation in his knightly accolade.

For Mark himself, however, all the great publicity the awards bring is more of a side note. Because his designs – from the elegant watch to his marble pestle and mortar to his wooden shelf – all speak for themselves. And they do so in a universal language that every eye can understand. This is because his designs don’t just bundle function and elegance together blindly. In Mark’s work, function and elegance are born and made one by reducing the designs to their essential state. When that succeeds, it caters to both the eye and soul, because alongside aesthetics, each and every one of his pieces contains a hidden idea, some more hidden than others. That is smartness pure and simple, something that goes perfectly with the S4 Jackets lifestyle.