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Art is dead, long live art!

It is commonly said in the art world that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But as far as we’re concerned, you need look no further than Oldenburg – geographically speaking, at least. This is where, in 1843, the Oldenburg Art Association (OKV – Oldenburger Kunstverein) was founded, one of the oldest art associations in Germany and which has long been a significant part of German art history. The Association has constantly renewed itself since its inception; initially the aim was to “impart knowledge of art and further the art movement” but it rapidly became a central part of the cultural life in the town – and so in 1867 it was re-housed in the “Augusteum”, also home to the ducal art gallery. Then, around 100 years after its founding, it moved into a contemporary “small but perfect” exhibition venue. After 1945 the OKV expanded its remit and today now offers a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic events: including chamber music (the Master Concert Series), a literature and lecture programme (e.g. the Oldenburg Literature Dialogues) as well as a self-initiated and curated current art and cultural-political debate. It is one of the few institutions which, early-on in the then-Socialist states, comprehensively opened its doors to and for art. In addition to this it was one of the pioneers of photography as an art form in its own right and has presented many interactive and inter-disciplinary projects within new media. Since it was founded there have been over 890 exhibitions – quite remarkable, we think. Equally remarkable is the willingness within the institution to take risks: more often than not, it’s not the ‘tried-and-tested’ art that is displayed but contemporary installations that challenge and sometimes even shatter expectations of ‘art’. Their motto is simple: “curiosity for the future”. This has seen, in the past 15 years, artists such as Jörg Sasse, Thomas Ruff, John Bock, Michael Beutler and Thomas Zipp presenting their solo exhibitions for the first time – artists who nowadays are the stars of the international art scene and cannot now be written out of art history. This is an approach we embrace with open arms: the ability to forge new paths while still remaining true to one’s roots. This is matches our philosophy. And also provided us with the inspiration for our latest photo shoot.


Stefan Pfeiffer, art exhibition „Nervous Gender“ 2017 at Oldenburger Kunstverein / Florian Baudrexel, art exhibition 2017 at Oldenburger Kunstverein, Photos: Roman März, Berlin

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