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TANTUS – Iconic photographic art

Whether in “Le Mans”, the film-length homage to the 24 hour race in northern France or in “Bullit”, the car chase thriller, cars, style and speed were the obsession of the King of Cool, Steve McQueen.

And the TANTUS PHOTO GALERIE in Hamburg lets us all experience this, thanks to their collection of inspiring and enchanting (style) icons – albeit on celluloid. A few seasons ago, we were able to grace the pages of our catalogues with one of their images: the classic Sean Connery and his Aston Martin. If you are as fascinated by photography as an art form as we are, then you simply must take a trip to the TANTUS PHOTO GALERIE. Opened in 2005 by Timm Vollert and Iris Hahn in central Hamburg, this open gallery is there for all who are interested in experiencing or even purchasing original photography and affordable photo-art. Through close collaboration with international photographers and artists as well as renowned photo collections and archives, the TANTUS PHOTO GALERIE boasts an extensive pool of extraordinary photo-art in virtually every subject area: from classically-framed black and white photography to aesthetically-pleasing colour photographs and large-format contemporary photo-art, TANTUS has realised the most diverse of spatial and conceptual ideas. And so we take our lead from TANTUS and Steve McQueen when we say: Your actions, not your words, are what count at the end.


Images of Steve McQueen by courtesy of TANTUS Photo Galerie