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Timeless beauty

The saying goes that men get better with age. The same can be said of cars. At least, for some!
Whether it’s a new model (15-30 years old) or a classic (older than 30) – the timeless elegance of these vehicles is something that captivates virtually every single man. It could be something to do with the robust and deafening four- or six-cylinder engines, or perhaps it’s the sleek silhouettes; maybe it’s the fascinating paintwork. Although when it all started back in the 1920s the streets were a lot less colourful. Until that point, the only colour that dried quickly enough (in about 48 hours) was the so-called Japan Black; which also happens to be the colour that prompted Henry Ford to pronounce that you could have your car in any colour you wanted, so long as that colour was black.

When you hear people talking about classic cars, both new and old, it sounds more like they are speaking of the love of their life: their perfect looks, their elegant reserve, their tantalising and captivating nature. Being close to them is a magical experience – one touch and there’s a spark, the sound of their voice is bewitching. They offer you everything you could ever want from a loyal and exclusive companion. And also a few things that you might not necessarily expect. But that’s where the attraction lies!